What body scrub to choose

There are so many scrubs on the market: sugar or salt, shea butter or essential oils, exfoliating bars or exfoliator in the jar… Some expensive, some not… What to choose?

1. What type of skin do you have determines what size of granulas to choose in your scrub. If you have sensitive skin, choose fine granulas, if you have dry skin – large granulas. The drier your skin, the more you can exfoliate. Ladies with dry skin need to look for a scrub with fatty-oil active ingredients, with oily – oil free, ladies with sensitive skin – creamy exfoliators with round small granulas.

2. Read ingredients. If exfoliator made with mostly natural ingredients, it will work better in the long run, as our skin absorbs through pores and using natural creams and body products will benefit your body so much better! Look for almond, coconut or apricot oils.

3. The scent. It is important to choose natural, not artificial scent. Natural oils have healing powers and can change your mood, help you to relax or energize, natural essential oils are essents of herbs, concentrated, so scrubs with natural essential oils can heal and rejuvenate.