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Body before, during and after pregnancy.

Before to get pregnant, prepare your body for all the changes ahead. A lot of women when pregnant take a chance  to eat anything they want, feeling like they have carte blanche to consume more stuff than ever, when it is supposed to be an opposite, because during pregnancy body retains water.

Advise #1
Have your body in the best shape in your life before to get pregnant.Eat lean protein and leafy veggies, take vitamins. Exercise will will not only help your body to bounce back faster, but also trained body will carry it easier, there would be less pain, and deliver will be easier as well. So exercise before and during pregnancy with special attention to core exercises.
Advise #2
Hydrate. Body retains water because it needs it. Our body cells are made of water, we are made of water, it fills up body cells, making them stronger, rounder, more resistant. When woman is pregnant, a lot of building going on inside her body, new life, new cells creation… It takes a lot of water and body starts retaining it, collecting and store. So pregnant woman should drink at list 2 liters of water a day to supply water for building new healthy cells. Also, hydrated cells will most likely bounce back after pregnancy. Hydrate inside and out. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize day and night. Moisturized skin willprevent it from stretch marks and will help it to bounce back.
Advise #3
Eat right, exercise during pregnancy. After pregnancy do the same- eat leafy vegetables and lean protein, drink water, exercise, moisturize.