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1. What is HCG Diet?
HCG diet is diet created by European endocrinologist Dr Simeons in 1950.
Dr Simeons noticed effect of HCG hormon on weight while working in India for over 10 years.
Book “Pounds and Inches” is widely available now with a spike of HCG Diet craze supported by Kevin Trudeau, Dr. OZ and many doctors. Dr OZ tried the diet and supported modified 800 calorie regiment in his program. Other doctors like plastic surgeons created weight loss clinics where they injected their patients with HCG hormon to help them to lose weight.
2. What type of HCG is best to administer?
HCG injections are as good as HCG drops. Injections cost more and need needles and need to be refrigirated. HCG drops could be carried with patient and administer several times a day.
3. Do I need to follow 500 calorie diet?
500 calorie diet is original diet prescribed by DrSimeons and had been succesfully used for several decades.
Many experiments since had been done with HCG Diet and lots of modification. It had been determined that for physically active people 500 calorie diet could be easily switched to 800 calorie or even 900 calorie diet with the same weight loss as 500 calorie diet.
hcg diet modified

Sample menu of 800 calorie HCG diet modified:

4 eggwhites with one egg and spinach
tea or coffee with stevia and lemon
1 apple
Salad with romaine lettuce, 3.5-4 oz of chicken breast, one small tomato, salt, pepper and lemon juice.
1 orange
Beef patties with 3.5- 4 oz of ground lean beef with asparagus

Gallon of water daily