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I was talking to my daughter this morning and did not finish, so I decided to put it up in written, while it is fresh in my mind, because it is important.
So it all started this morning when my daughter and I were talking and when she was complaining about something, like, “school is no fun…” I said, ” Well, it’s life, deal with it” and she said something, that made me stall: ” If that’s how life is, I don’t want it!”
so… to all of you out there… that is what I think.
our life is what we make out of it. there is nobody out there who decides what your life is going to be and who you are going to be.
think about it. you decide how you live, what you do and you decide what way your life is going to go. you decide about education, place of work, person you marry… you decide how you look like, how you dress, what you represent and who are your friends!
you are in control. you need to repeat it few times so it sinks in.
so, it is your choice. 
major things and small things.
you can get up early in the morning, make your bed, put your jumpsuit on, and go for a run, come back and do few sit ups, after that make a healthy protein shake, take a shower and put a beautiful make up on, nice clothes and some perfume. it all takes time and effort, but you will feel rejuvenated, polished, will be in a good mood and ready for opportunities that will come your way. or… 
you can go to bed late because you were watching TV late. wake up late, drag your feet to the kitchen, get yourself some coffee, brush your teeth at the most, put something on and try to make it to school, work wherever… so anyone who will meet you that morning will feel that you are out of energy and drained and even if opportunity comes your way, you will miss it. so here, in the morning , you kind of made your day….
and so as every day.
nobody wakes up in the morning and becomes successful person with happy life. 
we create it for ourselves. 
we decide, do i want to make an extra effort every single day, like lets say, running in the morning and sacrifice some sleep and maybe this doughnut that looks so appetizing, for result later, like feel more energy and be fit and look good.
we decide, do i want to say “no” to TV and spending countless hours with friends on Facebook or computer games and go do homework or read an article for work…. everything takes an effort. and everything gives you a reward. homework everyday will bring you grades later and feel good about yourself feeling and will teach you importance of studying, because smart people learn something every single day. and it will be helpful when you need to go to college, it will bring you to good GPA and will help you to score a better college. Or you can just waste your life watching tv, surfing through channels and do nothing.
you decide. 
you are the one who rules your life.
you may think someone else is deciding, but no, it is all your responsibility. 
your parents may or may not give you a little advantage by … lets say, enrolling you in good school, taking you to dancing classes, enrolling you to tae-qwon-do…. but…. it is you and you alone if you will try and push yourself and make something out of it, or take all their effort and money and time they spent on you and flush it right into toilet.
but… even if you did not get any push and your parents did not take you for private lessons and could not afford dancing classes, it does not mean you cannot achieve… all you need is a dream. after dream you need a plan. after plan break it on steps. and do something every day. be positive. people who are low on energy, and negative and whining they work in McDonalds and Walmart as their career. this is their ceiling. i would not hire someone who is not enthusiastic, full of ideas, bounces of the walls from desire to create and do things. so as other people. if you are a model or actress and there is photo shoot of swimming suits in winter for summer in the morning at  5 am because this is the best lighting for pictures and you are standing in cold water of the ocean in swimming suit and posing all relaxed – you are professional. you got up at 3 am and have to look good… they put make up on you, you have period and overall its too early, but you love what you do and you are not whining, and you let people think how glamorous and amazing your job is…. kudos for that! but if you are whining when you have to go to school and it is 7.30 in the morning and you are barely making to the kitchen all low on energy and whining and crying… well, someone else will become someone… and you … have to think about your attitude.
so…. what is it going to be? success or failure? are you going to find happiness and excitement and gratitude in everything that comes your way or…. whining and crying and laying down on the couch will be your destiny?