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My husband and I am are from Russia, and we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Russia for obvious reasons… but we lived here in USA for almost 10 years now and learned to celebrate almost all Americans holidays.
So we are definitely taking day off at work tomorrow and will join the rest of population in this crazy madness of Thanksgiving.
We are inviting friends and cooking, but we will not have meat or turkey at the table.

baked salmon
baked halibut
baked scallops
mashed potato, no gravy
marinated mushrooms
sauteed asparagus
sauteed vegetables ( peppers, onions, squash, etc)
tabouli salad with parsley, tomatoes, green onion, bulgar wheat, mint, lemon, olive oil.
chopped salad with shrimp ( shopped cabbage, lettuce, reddish, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, avocadoes, carrots, blue cheese and raspberry vinegar with shrimp on the top)
fruits / fruit salad
and maybe I will make this fruit tart if I am brave enough

I am sure we will overeat, but I will not feel guilty as all food will be fresh and healthy