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SO, I am hosting a party tomorrow at my house.
Here is my menu because Russian party table should be full of different foods and it is very important.
1. chopped salad
( romaine lettuce,cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, olives, parsley, green onion, shrimp with blue cheese sause: blue cheese, kefir, mayonaise, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper; everything chopped and sliced)
2. olivie
( russian salad : bologne, boiled eggs, boiled carrots , pickles and boiled potatoes all cut in cubes, add green peas, green onion, salt and mayonaise)
3. green salad
( mixed greens, blue cheese, craizines, sun dried tomatoes, almonds, raisines, tomatoes, walnuts, blueberries with rasberry vinegar)
4. tabouli ( parsley cut and mixed with tomato, a little bit of bulgar wheat, mint, lemon, salt, green onion)
5. fruit salad ( mango, rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, bananas cut in cubes, with honey)


1. cheese plate ( swiss cheese, monterey cheese, mozarella cheese in cubes)
2. hummus with dried tomatoes, pita bread and bell pepper
3. veggies ( onion sauteed with red pepper, squash and carrots, tomato juice is optional add salt),cold or hot
4. meat plate ( slices of smoked meat)
5. fish plate ( slices of smoked fish)
6. marinated mushrooms
7. marinated cabbage
8. feta cheese with parsley and tomatoes, pita bread


1. metitei ( ground beef and ground pork, mineral water, one egg, salt, pepper, roll into sausage looking pieces, dip in crumbles, fry in pan with veggetable oil)
2. pelmeni ( diplings with meat : ground beef with butter, onion, egg, blck pepper)
3. marinated salmon ( salmon in ajvar, which is vegetable / tomato based paste) cooked in stove, 350 degrees 20 min
4. potato with meat ( beef , onion, mayonaise, potato, salt, pepper) stove cooking 350 degrees 30 min, meat needs to be precooked in the pan with veggetable oil
5. shrimp ( boiled served with lemon and butter, hot)

1. sauteed mushrooms
2. mashed potato ( potato with milk, sour cream and butter)
3. rice with veggetables ( onion and carrots)




cake ( black forest, with cherries)

orange juice

lots of vodka, wine and tea