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No yo-yo dieting anymore or How to stay thin for the rest of your life

I read so much different literature about it. You will be shocked by the amount of magazines, books and folders with all kind of information about diets, regiments, ingredients, etc. I collect information about how every celebrity stays in shape or gets ready for red carpet event, what doctors say, what trainers say, I have hundreds of books, magazines, CDs, pages, folders and work out DVDs.
I can probably write a book about it, if only I would find a person who would translate everything I write into normal English…. Anyways…

So, my conclusion is simple.
All these comes down to simple things:
1. No need to exercise over 45 min a day unless you have event coming up. Or if you are an athlete.
2. Drink water. Everyone says it, I have a article somewhere here on the blog about all these scientific mambo jumbo about water, but in general: I force myself to drink water because we are made of water and if we do not drink enough then we are unhealthy, our cells shrink, lose beauty, gain age and sickness.
3. Eat protein. Turns out protein is the best for supressing hunger and feeding our bodies.
4. Eat veggies. Fiber does not getting absorbed by your body, it grabs fat and takes it out, makes you feel full, veggies have vitamins… Many reasons, just trust me – eat veggies.
5. Eat in moderation following: fruits, whole weat whole grain bread ( 1-2 slices a day), brown rice.
6. Eat 6 times a day – 3 main meals, three snacks. You will keep hunger away, and keep metabolism working.
the rest – take your vitamins, smile, be happy and grateful, love someone, do one good deed a day – is totally optional!