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Mrs Sandy America 2011

This year I decided to enroll myself into pageant Mrs. America. I live in Sandy and that is why my official title is Mrs. Sandy. I looked at the pictures of previous contestants for this pageant and realized that I do have a long way to go and got really excited to push myself to make it happen.
My main platform for this pageant will be promotion of healthy eating and proper nutrition for kids and families with kids.
I am very passionate about it. Every time I see a woman with two or three kids stuffing her basket with unhealthy chips, soda, regular milk, and candies, it makes me want to say something, like, ” Please, stop, do you even know what are you doing to yourself and your kids!” In reality I don’t do that because nobody wants to get insulted and receive an unsolicited advise from stranger in the public place. But having a beauty title will help me to be able to speak up upfront of people and raise awareness about the most important topic in everybody life: food.
I am very excited to start this challenge and compete and have an opportunity to speak up and  help people understand the importance of proper nutrition. I am not a nutritionist, but I do feel that all information that I collected during my two year’s researches making me to say something out loud. I know that a lot of women purchasing milk for their kids at the grocery store thinking that they are doing something good for their family and providing right nutrition for their kids. But this milk has hormones and preservatives and will lead to health problems despite everything that said on the makers websites. This milk should have a warning on the bottle saying something ” Be careful, not safe”
I am excited to create this challenge for myself, and I am very excited about opportunity that is coming my way and I will keep you updated about what I do and how it is going for me.