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Losing weight easy

If you are like most of population in USA you will feel bloated and fat after Thanksgiving and Christmas.
What should you do?
Do not panic! It is normal, it is ok, it will get fixed.
get to action:
1. Take a day off: cleanse your body without food, only water for a day.
If you think you are not capable to do it because of health issues you have, get yourself three pounds of apples and eat only apples.
2. Cleanse your colon. Sad to say but food that you ate during holidays most likely was from different food groups and not always compatible with each other. Because your body had been trying to digest different food groups at the same time, some of it went rotten and started creating gas and bloating, unpleasant sounds and smell because it is getting rotten inside of you!!!

Cleanse your colon. I use the old Russian way of cleansing that is unpleasant to talk about, but oh well… two table spoons of sea salt in 2 liters of water that supposed to be room temperature and colder than body temperature, otherwise it will get absorbed by your body. So this water slowly will start getting into your body through anus ( sorry sorry… but thats how it is done) using this funny thing that is pretty much container for water with hose and a tip.
this is what they use in Russia for colon cleansing, but you also can use whatever you like to use, really///
My husband prefers swallow Colon Cleanse Herbal supplements. Whatever you like to use, cleanse your colon, please, so you can get fresh start

3. Make a plan.
From my personal experience what helps:
a. get a calendar and weigh yourself in the morning after using bathroom, naked. Write down on the calendar your weight.
b. make a plan of what you are going to eat. After many researches, every single celebrity interview about loosing weight or fitness guru, they all say the same: eat like a rabbit and add lean protein for speeding up metabolism. What it mean for you: only fruits, veggies, chicken or beef, no oil, no mayo, no potato, and rabbits do not drink soda, I am sure… so think at night about what you are going to eat next day – cook some chicken ( i will eat tuna, because i do not eat meat) and add a bunch of veggies. Buy some apples, oranges, pears and baby carrots – snack. Carry baby carrots with you and one – two apples, if you are hungry – snack only on that. Very easy to check if you should eat it: is it fruit, vegetable or lean meat? no? then you cannot eat it… sorry.
c. drink drink drink… water , water with lemon, tea, herba mate, green tea, no sugar, no additives, no soda, please, I beg you, no soda!
d. stay focused. Clean kitchen out of things that are not in your diet. Put Victoria’s Secret’s model picture on your fridge( less clothes is better). If you cheated, one is ok, next meal should be right on track. Nobody is perfect.

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