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Beauty Essentials

Lancome beauty sensation bag… did you get yours?

Absolutely sensational beauty bag for 49.50 with purchase ( I bought shadow for 17 dollars!) is available only limited time for holidays at Macys and Dillards by Lancome. It is amazing because only once a year and I got Blush ( $30 value) and two lip glosses ( 18-19 dol each) and three lipsticks ( 20 – 25 dol each) and eye pencil ( 23dol) and make up remover ( about 20 dol) and mascara ( 24 dollars) and set of shadows ( 42 dol) and some brushes… thats all for what? 49.50!!! Lucky me, and you should hurry too if you like good quality make up and do not like to pay full price. Hint: great for gifts, anyone would love to get it as a gift!!!!