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Just found out!!! I actually follow macrobiotic diet most of my life!!!

I had been researching protein shakes intake rules for my husband.

Why… I will explain. My husband is an athlete. He plays hockey and he plays it at least 3 days a week plus of course everyday training.
My husband is a great example of why food is as important as exercise. For example, he exercises. Twice a day. And he is not fat, he looks fit and strong, but he has an extra mass which is around his muscles, so his muscles are not lean and defined. He feels he has extra 20-25 lb that he carries on himself.
He is not eating junk but he is eating a lot of stuff that are insane ti eat when you are 40.

he never eats fast food, he does not eat pizza or chips and not munching on fatty stuff upfront of the TV, but he has this theory that if you eat in the morning whatever you want as long as it is in the morning, it really does not matter what you consume.
So he had this theory that if you do not eat at night, and you exercise, there is no weight gain. Well, here is 20 lb we have to deal with right now… Some of it, of course, from holidays… Some of it because of this great theory that he thinks allows him to eat whatever he wants for example he likes kasha which is whole milk boiled and then you throw in it wheat semolina and add sugar and then he adds butter and eats eat with more sugar and white bread and pieces of butter on the top. Drinks whole milk with all this concussions. It is a crazy mix and has about 1500-1600 cal at once, so I am personally not surprised that with all his exercise and such he still gains weight slowly.
All this been said, I pursued him to start HCG diet. His only concern is not to have enough protein and energy to exercise and play hockey. This is not something that he would want to drop no matter how important the diet is. so I did a research and found some modifications, we do understand that any modifications of the original protocol will possibly lead to slower weight loss, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

We found that protein shakes used in moderation can help to get a significant protein intake and one scoop of shake has 0 sugar and 0 fat and has Stevia as sweetener and has only 110  cal and 26 g of protein. So my husband can take shake before the game and do not feel deprived.
So while i was researching when is the best to use shake, before or after exercise, I found this article about Madonna. In this article this Exercise Guru martin was talking about her muscle and diet and mentioned low card macrobiotic diet. I had never heard about macrobiotic diet.

So I researched it and that’s what I found… and surprise! This is exactly how I eat! Nothing out of the box or can, conventionally grown, no meat but a lot of fish and everybody asking what kind of diet is this… I didn’t know, that was just something that I found feels good for my body and is an ultimate thing for me… Turns out to be – MACROBIOTIC DIET!!! It is just amazing way of eating I had for few years now and now I know it is followed by other people!!!

Macrobiotic Diet Foods

Specific foods are defined in the guidelines. The meals focus on complex carbohydrates, plant proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and water. Examples are as follows:
  • Complex carbohydrates: whole grains, beans, vegetables, seeds and fruit
  • Proteins: beans, legumes, fish, seeds, nuts, eggs, dairy
  • Fats: oils, nuts, seeds
  • Minerals: salts, sea vegetables
  • Vitamins: vegetables, fruits, sea vegetables
  • Enzymes: fermented foods, raw plant foods, whole grains
  • Water: spring water, fruits and vegetables
Note: since sea vegetables, salts, grains and beans are viable longer than fresh vegetables, fruits and other proteins, they can come from farther distances than your local region.