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It might be your fault

1 out of 3 kids in USA overweight or obese.
Food is what we are. Obesity leads to heart problems, arteries problems, type 2 diabetes, liver problems, depression, shorter life and decreased quality of life, limited mobility, etc.
If you are reading about most health problems online the first thing you need to fix is your diet… Even cancer. There are a lot of cancer survivors who had been instructed after they beat cancer to eat only organic and only fresh.
Do we really need to get sick with a fatal decease to eat healthy and right?
If your child is overweight, you, as a parent, might be at fault.
Of course I understand that healthy food is not as accessible as junk ( take drive through or gas station for example). Also I know that school lunches do not provide that many healthy choices and if they do it is not tasty! Salad could be very tasty and appealing, but somehow even I would not eat this salad at school as it does not look appetizing.

And of course healthy food is more expensive, that’s why there is an epidemic rates of obesity between families with lower income, chips and soda and McDonald’s food is much easier to access and does not cost as much as healthy food. Soy milk is $3.50 per package compare to regular milk $1.29.
Healthy food also takes longer to prepare and you have to have some skills to make it appetizing.
So keeping it all in mind I do understand that it is much easier to eat junk and also because makers of all these fast food and junk add  all kind of ingredients that make you to be an addict to food, I do understand. I will try to bring attention to it as much as I can and my ultimate goal would be to make healthy food more accessible to everyone, especially kids, and make more healthy food choices at schools and for families with lower income.

But keeping it all in mind, it would be a parent who sets an example. It would be a parent who munches on chips and drinks soda when watching TV instead of an apple and baby carrots. It would be a parent who buys lots of soda and chips and frozen dinner and it would be a parent who orders pizza for dinner… Kids do not have an opinion about it. They are not born with idea of eating healthy. They follow your footsteps, if you teach them from childhood that it is OK to consume 2500 even 3000 calories a day consisting of food that is full of saturated fat, artificial color, has 5-6 even 10 spoons of sugar in single serving, clogs their arteries, and makes them fat, they will just do what you taught them by setting your own example. If they will be afraid to bring soda home because you will ask them: ” and what is it are you drinking?” and if they will know that water with lime or lemon is much better than coke (even if it does not have any calories), then they will try to eat healthier at least at home and healthy eating habits will engrave in their brain.
Recent research shows that this generation will have shorter life than previous one beacsue of eating habits. We are killing our kids by not teaching them to eat right! I hope that in the end of day you want them to be healthy. And please, start it all from yourself! Skip pizza and make shrimp, salmon and salad.