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How to get in shape for summer.

A lot of people are thinking about getting in shape just about now. And it is hard, so many diets, so many ads, eat this, eat that… Really, its so easy to get lost in all and maybe end up trying thing or two and, when it doesn’t work, tell yourself that it could be done later, no rush, and so on…
There are so many people frustrated with weight, diets, supplements, spending lots of money for food deliveries and DVDs, fat burners, and when it doesn’t work,  they give up. All weight loss programs are popular and selling only because very little percentage of people actually losing weight after ordering a diet, supplement, starting counting calories just to gain this all weight back and look for another thing to lose weight.
Roller coaster….
So where is the solution?
1. Learn new rules and follow new style of life, something that could be followed for the rest of your life. Some people think if they exercise, the can eat whatever they want, because they burn it. It is not true and if you want flat stomach, any personal trainer will tell you the diet is first, exercise is second. You are what you eat.
2. Do not get on diet to count calories, eat or not eat certain foods, or deliver foods to your home. Because the minute you go back to your regular way of eating, you will gain, and then some….
Think about it, what and how you are going to eat when your food delivery will end? You will be lost!

3. Eat. Eat and drink. Eat often ( three main meals and three snacks)  and drink often ( glass every two hours). Exercise once a day for at least 30 minutes. It could even be 15 min in the morning, 15 min at night.
Easy, right?
But now I will tell you something opposite.
1. Do learn new rules you can follow whole life: eat often, eat 6 times a day mostly protein and vegetables. Snack on fruits. Fully eliminate packaged food, any bottled or canned or packaged drinks except for water. If you drink coffee, it should not be caramel mochiatto or whip cream something. Things that make you fat are not fats. It is sugar and starches, it is saturated fat, chemicals and fructose. Fats, like avocados or olive oil, fish oil and anything that has Omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon are great for you when consumed with vegetables, not starches.

2. BUT… To start you life long journey you need to get to perfect weight first. And best and fastest way to do it is hCG drops, because :
a) it takes a short time to lose weight, you will lose about 1lb a day, so you have less chances to fall of the wagon. If you need to lose 25 lb, it will take you a month, not 6 -10 months… To have restrictive diet for a month is bearable, 6 – 10 months is hard…. And then the minute you will start eat your regular way – you gain, because while you were on diet, you body accustomed to consume and live on certain amount of calories, you metabolism adjusted to it. The minute you start consuming more calories, you start gaining. Or you can just be on the diet for the rest of your life, if you can handle it… Where is the way out then? That’s when it takes us to reason number 2 to take hCG:
b) hCG has maintenance stage that teaches you how to get out of diet and resets your metabolism to a perfect weight. The stage lasts 3 weeks and resets your metabolism, fixing your weight on the weight you had the last day of drops. It is very important that you follow rules for maintenance stage.

c) after maintenance stage you should slowly add new products to your diet and stay fit for the rest of your life… ( unless hormonal medication or pregnancy will ruin your metabolism setting and you will need to start it again, just like I need to do it now…)

So, do not waste a lot of money on fat burners, special training DVDs ( unless you plan to be a professional athlete or fitness model, there is no need to spend hours in gym) or food, delivered to your door. All this will make you to gain your weight back if you stop getting food delivered or get off the pill.
hCG is the only diet we came across that helps to keep weight off and stabilizes metabolism.
Lose weight thousands of Americans do – hCG drops, teach you how to lose fast, how to maintain and makes sense… Call us today 1-888-518-0111

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