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Here are some tips how to get into amazing shape

Everyone wants to look their best. Some do, and some are still frustrated over millions of products and thousands of advises.

I like to read and collect articles about healthy living; I have books about different diets and subscriber to three healthy lifestyle magazines. When I see a celebrity with consistently nice body, or someone who dramatically lost weight, I do research, trying to find reliable information about their daily diet and exercise routine.  Also, if I see a magazine with  new weight loss tips on the cover, I buy it. Just have to know…

Dvds, books, stacks of magazines, files with articles, medical dictionaries, pocket books, recipes,  lots of digital materials and even unfinished book…. Portion of my collection…

I learn quite of few things along the way.
Today I will share some tips how to get into amazing shape for summer and will try to make it simple and short.
There are two parts of your life need work in staying / getting in shape: food and exercise. If you have an idea that if you exercise you can eat whatever you want, look at the amount of overweight or chubby dancers, or fat athletes. If you eat fast food, pasta, sugar, potatoes, white rice and white bread and exercise, you still would be fat! If you consume 4000 calories and burn 2000, no matter how many ab crunches you do, six pack is not going to happen in near future….

So the same stuff you’ve heard before thousand times: watch what you eat / exercise.
There are two types of diets: temporary and fast solution with fad / “quick weight loss” diet and lifelong style of eating. Fad diets allow you to loose weight quick. Usually when you stop following fad diet ( fad diets usually are short term) the weight will come back IF YOU DO NOT MAKE CHANGES IN YOUR STYLE OF EATING AFTER THE DIET.
After all research I’ve done looks like lifelong changes should consist of excluding out of your diet forever all boxed and canned foods, switching into lean protein and  non starch / green veggies (for weight loss) or lean protein, veggies, fruits and whole grains ( for ongoing weight support) and include breakfast ( 40% daily caloric intake), snack (5%), lunch (30%), snack (5%) , dinner (15%), snack (5%). This means that biggest meal is breakfast, smallest – dinner. Snack should be veggies for weight loss mode, or fruit for ongoing weight support.


Did you know that most successful fat burning mode turns on while you are doing cardio at 60-85% of maximum heart rate. Maximum heart rate could be determined through cardiac stress test ( expensive procedure during which patent is running treadmill with gradually increasing intensity and EKG is measuring changes in heart function…) or could be approximated with a formula MAX HEART RATE = 220 – AGE.
Lets say you are 30 yeas old, your maximum heart rate would be 190 and optimum fat burning rate would be
114 – 161.5 beats per minute. You can get heart rate monitor and make sure you get at least 30-45 min a day    of cardio at 114 – 161.5 beats per minute. I personally would recommend around 155 bpm.
Here is the map

Also you should do some strength training. At least 20 min of strength training of arms, abs, legs.
More muscles burn more calories.

Good luck