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So all dealers in a State of Utah had to re – do their fingerprints… Not sure why, but I guess they want an electronic copy of fingerprints for anyone who is selling cars. This would be three sets of fingerprints for last three years for me. Everyone who wants to be a dealer in Utah has to do fingerprints to get a license.
so that lady in the sheriff’s department had been a little upset that everyone left it for a last moment.  Well, first of all, it was not our idea… legislators… second, yes, we procrastinate all unpleasant stuff – human nature… I personally do not see sense in it, as we have to do it every time we get a license… anyways… so that lady was talking to guys with “ohh, pretty… so what s it exactly you do… ohh how fun! and where are you from>” so you get an idea… and with me she was sharp and short…