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Heidi Klum Diet

heidi klum diet

Heidi Klum on her diet:

“I actually eat a lot. I just eat the right things. For example, for breakfast a little fruit. I love oatmeal with, like, fruit in it, berries or bananas, you have to get creative with it! You can actually make it taste good! For lunch, big salad with chicken or pasta. For dinner, I do a lot of stir-fried in the wok, with cabbage, all different vegetables, rice.

If you eat a big lunch and breakfast and a medium dinner, you shouldn’t have to eat all the munchy stuff in between and you should be fine. People always starve themselves, and then they get hungry, and then they eat the wrong things, like chips or cookies or whatever they can grab. You can grab, just eat healthy. Alcohol is not good either. ”

Heidi Klum diet after baby

Klum’s day started with a protein shake (180 calories), followed at 10 a.m. by a 4-egg-white omelet with vegetables. Lunch might be broccoli sauteed in a teaspoon of olive oil, skinless chicken and salad. May be 10-12 raw almonds as a 4 p.m. snack. For dinner, Klum might have another protein shake, or a small meal like a cup of turkey chili. On the low-carb diet’s list of no-no’s: corn on the cob and pasta, which were replaced with lentils or kidney beans. At some things, however, Klum balked. “If I want a banana,” she says firmly, “I eat a banana.”

Heidi Klum fitness routine after baby

“I have the David Kirsch jiggle test,” Kirsch says. “If it jiggles, it ain’t good.” To get Klum toned, the two spent mornings doing lunges, core strength exercises, yoga and shadow boxing. Afternoons meant more core work and cardio, including up to 45 minutes on an inclined treadmill or elliptical trainer. Kirsch and Klum also hiked and lunged around L.A.’s Franklin Canyon. “In the first three days, she dropped almost two inches from her waist,” Kirsch says. They later met in his New York City gym. “I’m not going to say she loved every minute,” says Kirsch. “But she was excited at the transformation.”