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Beauty Essentials

Eat your way to better skin

bad skin happens to everyone

What should you eat to have great skin and what not to eat to make sure you don’t get skin with pimples, oily skin, blackheads, and clogged pores.

First of all – no processed food, because processed food is real food that had been put through devitalizing chemical processes and is infused with chemicals and preservatives. Beef jerky, canned tea, jam, hot dogs, and low-fat yogurt with sugar or aspartame are a few examples of processed food. It is full of nitrates and nitritess (cause asthma, found in ham and meat), Sodium nitrite ( causes cancer), Benzoic acid aka sodium benzoate ( found in fruit juices, margarine and carbonated beverages cause allergic reaction and even death)
Junk foods contain very little real food. They’re made of devitalized processed food, hydrogenated fats, chemicals, and preservatives, and include anything made with refined white flour. Canned breakfast drinks, cold/sugary cereals, doughnuts, drive-through foods, and soda are examples of junk foods.
Oily skinFake foods are made primarily of chemicals, and often contain gums and sugar fillers. Examples include bacon bits, bottled salad dressing, dehydrated soups, and instant coffee.
Coloring, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, flavouring…. When body doesn’t consume real food, but instead lots of coloring, fillers and chemically made stuff that made to look like food and smell like food, but is really made of dangerous chemicals, the body starts getting sick and first it shows on skin.
So eat real food, that did not come from bag, bottle or package.
For oily skin – consume less fatty foods. Your choices will have to include green vegetables, cabbage, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes and most fresh fruits. Leafy vegetables have lots of fiber, substance that doesn’t get absorbed by body, but instead grabbs all dirt, toxins, fats and take it out of the body, just like cleaning brush. So if your skin is gray, pimply, has breakouts and clogged pores, vegetables and fruits will be your first choice.
If you have dry skin, try to eat more food with avocado and olive oil. In general, oif diet is rich in leafy vegetables and healthy fats, less sugar and carbs – great skin is on the way.
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