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Weight loss made easy

Fruits and Vegetables

How to lose weight and gain health.
 It is a simple solution.
 All you need is wheel power.

Step one.
Clean your kitchen and fridge. Throw away / give away following items: canned food, everything in the freezer, pasta, potatoes, bread, everything in the box- gone. Soda, drinks, juices, anything besides water -gone! Butter, ranch, sauces – any kind of sauces – bye bye!
What should stay – water, organic fruits and vegetables, 100% wheat bread.
Step two.
Go shopping and buy organic fruits and vegetables and lean chicken meat ( has to be organic) or lean beef, has to be hormone and antibiotics free. Please, do not buy anything to drink except water, no soda, no juice, no zero calorie sports drink. We are not trying to cut calories here. All we are trying to do is to lose weight and get healthier, I would even do opposite-get healthier and lose weight. So do not kid yourself with ‘zero calorie’ stuff, it is full of things you don’t want to know about…

Step three.
Plan your meals. You should eat 5-6 times a day. Every 2-3 hours. First – make breakfast. Protein ( eggwhites, lean chicken ) – a half of your plate. Fruits and one whole wheat toast. Tea, water, make compote – a night before boil water, add fruits and add stevia. It will be very tasty natural drink with fruits. And no preservatives. Take vitamins. Snack has to be in two hours after breakfast. Apple, orange, strawberries… Your oldblife will try to get you back, but you will be srong, right? You can eat as much as you want, really, but can’t eat processed food, white carbs and animal fats. Olive oil – yes, butter – no. Huge salad with chicken, all kind of shreded and chopped veggies, greens and olive oil would be great example! Fries and coke will bring you to the grave, you have to know this. It kills you and you have to stop it and do it for yourself. So eat beef, chicken, seafood, fruits and vegetables, eat as much as you want. It is not a diet. Way of life. Make sure to snack between meals with orange, appe, strawberries, carrots, cucumber slices, etc.

Step four.
Start some kind of activity going on. Like walking? Start walking. Like dancing, start dancing, like running, jumping, playing tennis, swimming, anything? For 30min every single day. Every day, 30 min. Your favorite show lasts twice as much…
Thats it for now. Do this and you will see that you life changed.