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think before to put anything in your mouth

So right now I am sitting in a  room in court because I have a jury duty today and watching people who are here together with me. And there is a woman who is sitting right next to me and she is skinny and looks fit, looks like she exercises, but what she eats is making me concern for her life and health.
 Because it is very great to be fit and stay in shape, and train your heart and lungs and muscles, but the main thing is to be healthy. Of course fit is a part of healthy, but it is not a purpose, for example you may deprive yourself from food and eat very little and look skinny, and on the top of it exercise for about 30 min a day and look fit, but then unexpectedly for everyone you may get very sick and end up in a hospital because of what you consume in the daily basis.
so lets go back to this lady I was sitting next to in this jury room. She looked like she was in her 40s and looked fit, looked like she did spend some time in the gym. So the receptionist passing around a basket with goodies to make sure that all jurors have some snack. I already know that unless this is a fruit basket, there is nothing in this basket that might interest me. Do not take me wrong, i do eat desert or cake if I want to, but the one i would eat  is made from scratch and has all natural ingredients and I only will eat a little bit. There is no reason not to enjoy life, you can still eat desert and enjoy it, but after eating healthy food for a while you will be able to taste chemicals. They do taste differently. And you would not be able to enjoy wip cream or too oily and too sweet deserts. You would not find them attractive anymore, I promise. So you still will like desert but it would be like fruit tart for exmple compare to chocolate creamy cake you used to like…
Anyway.. so they are passing this basket and of course there are so called healthy choices of granula bars… they are called granula bars and may even say natural and have a pretty picture, suggesting that it is natural or healthy, but when you read a label it will turn out that on 240 calories of this wonderful healthy snack there is 160 calories of fat and 11 g of saturated fat and 400 mg of sodium and 28 g of sugar! and it has partially hydrogenated oil… so… imagine 6 spoons of sugar – thats what inside…
and on the top of grabbiong this healthy snack she gets some coffee, and in coffee she asks to put “sweet and low” substance and non dairy creamer! if you really want to know what is non dairy creamer here is the link to it
http://verylittleknownfacts.blogspot.com/2007/10/non-dairy-creamer-how-do-they-do-it.html  or you can just look at it for yourself
The Ingredients

Partially Hydrogenated Soybean/Cottonseed Oil; Palm Oil
Sugar; Corn Syrup; Sodium Stearyl Lactylate
Sodium Caseinate
Mono- and Diglycerides
Dipotassium Phosphate
Natural and Artificial Flavors
does any of it sounds good to you to take on the regular basis?If thats how she eats everyday she can stay skinny, but all these artificial sweeteners and chemicals and partially hydrogenated oil will make her sick from inside. I wish sometimes to be able to tell people “stop, please stop, read the label, what are you doing, if there is nothing quality to eat, just wait, have an apple in your purse, but please, please do not poison yourself!!!”