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Beauty Essentials

Salad for weight loss / cleansing

1. Cabbage : 1/2 head , shredded
2. Tomatoes : 2 cut in cubes
3. English cucumber :1/2 cut in cubes
4. Cilantro: 1/4 of package cut in small pieces
5. Parsley: 1 whole package cut in small pieces
6. Green Onion : 3 strings cut in small pieces
7. olive oil : 2 tablespoons
8 Juice of one lemon
9 hint of salt

mix good, eat right away as much as you want!!!!

please do not eat it with bread if you are losing weight.
you can make this salad and eat as much as you want the whole day, but, you may not have anything else to eat or drink only: this salad, water ( with lemon or without), apple, orange.

no juices, sodas, any other food, breads or anything else.

if you are having a party all you can have to drink is wine only one glass, preferably red. you may not have anything else.

If you can manage a week on this diet you may reward yourself on the seventh day with shrimp or any other seafood cooked on grill without sauces or boiled, just make sure there are no sauces.

a week without hormones, preservatives, artificial colors, saturated fat and such will do wonders to your body!!!!!