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Beauty Essentials

Lose weight with HCG – fast and efficient!

HCG is the diet that delivers.
You really can lose 1lb a day!
Even more, some customers lose 1.5 lb a day! How do they do it? Following simple rules!
It is very powerful and strict diet. If you really want to lose weight and serious about it – this is your chance, and if you have more weight, you will lose faster! No exercise required.
Rules of HCG diet could be found in Dr. Simeons book on http://your-hcg.com
but here are the rules in short:
1.No cheating. Even smallest thing can affect your loss!
2.Eat only food from the list of allowed food.
3.Eat on schedule.
4. Take baths, use steam.
5. Walk or use elliptical for 30 min daily.

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