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How To Drink More Water

Our body consists of cells.
lots of scientific mambo jumbo you can read here
but shortly: your cells are full of liquid, if you short on liquid, your cells are weak and cannot fight infection and cannot produce healthy cells. So by not drinking enough water you make yourself older, sick and tired. If you are on diet, all toxins and fat that supposed to get out of your body gets stuck in your internal organs.
How much to drink?

Take your weight. Divide on 2. You will get amount in ounces how much water a day you should drink. For example. I am lets say 130 lb. 130:2=65. I have to drink 65 oz of water a day. What is 65 oz? 8 glasses of 8 oz of water.

So, in order to get the amount of water I need, but without counting oz, I just purchase large 2.5 – 3 liter bottle of water and cut 1-2 lemons in it. Do not squeeze, it would be sour. When I am done with my bottle, which I carry with me everywhere, I know I got all my water norm for the day. This is the only way to stay ageless. Water deficit damages our cells, makes us sick and age us. Cells do not have their resilience anymore if they are not filled with water….