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HCG diet results testimonials

New success story
“Hi, Milla I just wanted to give u an update on my progress!!! This morning I had a .7 drop in weight which brings my total weight loss for 7-days 10.5 lbs!!!! I can’t believe it. I was was hoping for a little more of a weight loss this morning but all in all I am quite satisfied. My husband is thinking of trying hcg also (probably next week) so I will be ordering more. Now, here is my question; I’m doing extreme well with the vlcd (can’t believe it). Grilled asparagus & chicken…Now, can I have red onion with this meal? I’m feeling a little bit (and I mean a little bit) motivated to hit the gym, maybe the treadmill & some situps. Will this hurt my progress??? Again, what do ya think? I’m so happy!!”