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Do you need to lose 20 lb fast, like in a month? You can do it!

If so, you need to get right on it!
First – you can do it!
Second – don’t procrastinate! Time flies by fast!
Third – there is no time to doubt, experiment and (especially) listen to your friends who put doubt in your mind! Be focused, join group of people online who do the same, and don’t talk to anyone who is not supportive about your diet, otherwise you will accomplish nothing!
For inspiration – watch this video
start here
1. order a 2 oz bottle of hCG at your-hcg.com http://your-hcg.com/wordpress/home
We would recommend to try alcohol free hCG, more advanced formula!
2. start eating fat to get your fat storage full
3. keep eating fat full food first two days you take hCG drops
4. in the end of second day clean your kitchen and refridgerator and leave only food that is on the food list for phase 2 of hCG diet. See list here
5. for 23 days follow the diet, do some yoga, or walk 30 min everyday, drink lots and lots of water.
6. stop using drops and follow diet 3 more days.
7. if you followed the diet, 20 lb are behind you and you are happy. Now the main thing – maintenance diet. Is not that restrictive, but very very important. More information here

8 after 3 weeks of maintenance you are FREE!!! You are done! Enjoy!